Founded in a small clinic in the back of a building in 1977 by Rev. Drs. Mark and Huldah Buntain, Mercy Hospital has since grown into a 173 bed hospital with 30 specialty units and 19 community clinics, all serving more than 100,000 patients each year. Continuing a 37 year old mission to provide care to 40% of our patients free of charge and under the leadership of CEO Mr. Sanjay Prasad, Mercy Hospital is expanding its charitable mission while setting the standard for healthcare in Kolkata and the surrounding regions.

The Arpan Logo: Every morning on the edge of the Ganges, Indians wade into the ancient river, cup a handful of water in their hands, and pour it out to symbolize a self-sacrificial offering. This image has come to represent selfless giving and commitment to a noble cause. Mercy Hospital uses it in our logo to communicate our dedication to serving the people of Kolkata with high caliber, affordable healthcare.

Founders Mark and Huldah Buntain: Within the first few years of moving to Kolkata as missionaries in 1954, Mark and Huldah Buntain frequently found themselves carrying sick patients on the streets to nearby clinics in search of medical treatment.

Dr. V.N. Chadha recalled, “[They were] always ready to serve people, even from the streets, who were looking for help during all hours of the day and night. I still remember one occasion when Dr. Buntain walked into my house late at night carrying a destitute boy on his shoulders who was vomiting, soiling all of his clothes. Dr. Buntain was least troubled by this and told me, ‘My friend, can you help this child of God.’ [...] ”

When a frail girl fainted at a school Mark had founded, he rushed her to a city hospital in search of emergency help. Startled by the hospital's congestion and inability to meet the medical needs of the city’s poor, Mark vowed that day to provide medical treatment to the under-resourced children of Kolkata. His vision began as a small clinic. After several years of strenuous work and multiple miracles, the plans to build a larger medical facility began to take shape. In 1977 Mark and Huldah opened the doors of Calcutta Mercy Hospital.