In line with our founder's vision, Mercy Hospital is dedicated to serving those unable to access or afford medical treatment. Our rural clinics serve those who could not otherwise afford medical expenses by offering free healthcare to 40% of our patients. Beside basic medical care, we also provide free cleft palate and lip surgeries and free monthly medical treatment to children suffering from thalassemia and leukemia.

Thousands of children in Kolkata are born with cleft palates or lips -- affecting not only the child’s physical appearance but also his/her ability to eat, speak, and breathe. Mercy Hospital collaborates with Smile Train to provide free surgeries for these children. When necessary, we also work with children and their families to provide speech therapy and dental work.

Please call the hospital directly (+91 33 3090 2014 / +91 983 600 8484) or visit our Rural Network page for more information on receiving treatment.

Leukemia is a progressive disease in which the bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal blood cells. These cells suppress the production of normal blood cells leading to anemia and other side-effects, including fever, chills, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of weight, swollen or bleeding gums, headaches, enlarged liver and spleen, and an increased risk of infection. Leukemia also weakens the blood-clotting process causing patients to bruise easily and bleed excessively.

Thalassemia is a genetically transmitted disorder of the blood that causes anemia.

Treatment: In order for children with these blood diseases to maintain a healthy and productive life, they must receive frequent blood transfusions. Each transfusion costs 1000 rupees (equivalent to $25 US dollars). Mercy Hospital provides free blood transfusions and medical care to children with this disease whose parents cannot afford the cost of treatment.

Please call the hospital directly (+91 33 3090 2014 / +91 983 600 8484) or visit our Rural Network page for more information on receiving treatment.

In the 1950′s, while the Buntain's were holding a tent meeting in the early years of their work in India, a poor man walked in and screamed, “Preacher, feed our bellies and then tell us there is a God in heaven who loves us!” This spoke volumes to the Buntains and inspired them to launch a food program to nourish the physical needs of the poor. This program set the stage for the number of compassionate, holistic programs at Mercy Hospital. Today, the food program feeds 25,000 adults and children every day throughout numerous food stations and schools across Kolkata.

The Blind School is located in the outskirts of Kolkata and has grown in recent years from ten to nearly 100 children. Blind children are often rejected from their families and girls may be sold into prostitution. The school is located on a chicken farm and is a safe-haven for these children where they receive treatment and education in order to support themselves as adults.

Treatment: A blind child’s sight can be helped by a small surgical procedure that may restore up to 60% of his/her sight. Mercy Hospital operates a minibus that transports children to and from the hospital to receive this surgery.

Clinic: The Hope Clinic is located inside one of Kolkata's red-light neighborhoods and is a follow-up project to the Oscar Award winning Documentary Born Into Brothels. The clinic is a protected place of healing and opportunity where families voluntarily give their daughters an opportunity to live independent and empowered lives. Currently in its construction phase, the Hope House will soon open its doors to up to 100 girls. To donate directly to Project Hope, click here.

Small Business: The Hope Small Business Project is a simple, but effective program founded on the belief that by providing alternative job opportunities, women at risk for the illegal sex-trade industry will be able to support themselves in healthier, more productive ways. The project employs women to manage and operate a Laundromat that processes linens for Mercy Hospital.

Education empowers and equips individuals for respected, well-paid careers. The Mercy School of Nursing gives otherwise under-resourced women a professional degree in a field with global demand. Mercy Hospital provides all School of Nursing students with immediate access to training, internships, and career placement. To make a financial contribution that will support a Nursing School student’s education, please click here (United States), here (Canada), or contact the hospital directly (+91 33 3090 2014 / +91 983 600 8484).